M&L Fine Jewelry Custom 3D Design Program

One-stop-shop for Custom Jewelry Manufacturing using High-Tech 3D Design Programs.




M&L Fine Jewelry specializes in creating one-of-a-kind and custom created pieces of jewelry using 3D Technology. The design process is multi-faceted, but includes four basic steps to help you create a piece that is totally truly unique.




Step 1: Consultation The first step is very easy and convenient. Just give us a call or electronically transmit any reference material you may have like a magazine clip, simple drawing, or an image from the web. We will help you decide on the materials including the metal type, diamond quality, and give you the chance to choose from the full spectrum of precious and semi-precious gems.




Step 2: Design Presentation
We will take you inspiration and we will transform that into a Three Dimensional model which can be sent off to you in simple to use jpg format. You will be able to see the Design File in any angles so that you can make any changes and alterations. We want you to be comfortable and confident when your design is finally finished. We will also show you the diamonds and gemstones we plan to use for your unique piece of jewelry.



Step 3: Jewelry Making
M&L Fine Jewelry has a 30 person workshop here in downtown Los Angeles with a casting center, polishing room, 3D Model makers, stone setters, etc. Our advanced 3D imaging technology allows the client to see their design in a three-dimensional computer image before it is too late. From the final design, our milling machines wilt wax blocks into your final wax which will be cast into the metal of your choice. The entire production method is being done entirely by hand by artisans with hundreds of years of experience between them.




Step 4: The finished product
The grand Finale is when M&L Fine Jewelry presents you with your custom designed ring. When only 1/1 is the correct edition. You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have a unique piece of jewelry that you designed. At M&L Fine Jewelry we offer lifetime warranty for all jewelry made by us.