Our Story



M&L Jewelry Manufacturing, Inc. was established in 1976 by Michael and Leon Landver. They began supplying small retail shops in the United States with finished pieces of diamond and colored gemstones in gold and platinum. With its small but efficient 3-person shop grew into a prime manufacturing designer for the increasing number of retailers in the United States.

We were among the first innovators in the U.S. to cast in-place wax-set jewelry and one of the first to create the baby baguette diamond jewelry products.


In 1986 M&L established its overseas office in Hong Kong and built a factory and workshops in PinYu to support the need for the growing North American market.

Keeping in line with it’s philosophy and approach to cost-effective design and manufacturing, M&L continues to create innovative and Old World designs that set it apart from much of the competition. Creating between 300 and 450 new designs each year is a welcomed and enjoyable challenge to M&L’s creative team. It is a challenge that promises retailers fresh inventory for their customers’ ever-growing hunger for fashion.

Constant product development, interaction with customers, and local and international market research, put M&L in front of the manufacturing market and distinguish them from many of their peers. All product models and CAD are done the Los Angeles facility and final production is allocated between the U.S. and China

2000 and Beyond

M&L has partnered with some of the most famous jewelry designers in the U.S., creating private label, one-of-a-kind pieces for celebrities and dignitaries worldwide.

In 2013 Michael Landver, Arthur Birnbaum and Barbara Lunger, formed a subsidiary company, American Brand Management, to augment its branding capabilities. They designed new products for a strategic alliance and exclusive partnership with Blue Star Diamond, Antwerp, a sightholder and cutter for DeBeers FOREVERMARK brand.

Our Diamonds of Russia Collection® contains all the elements of the historical beginnings of the beautiful and meticulously created Russian-cut diamonds. The simple and elegant designs combine hand-carving, engraving, filigree and fine bead work for which Russian designers and artisans are known. We have created something precious and unique for her birthday, anniversary or special occasion and offer you a family heirloom that she will be thrilled to own and enjoy.

The exquisite collections represented by M&L consist of earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces, all of which carry American Gemological laboratory (AGL) certificates.

Complementary enameled and gold plated ring chests are gifted to each new owner of the collection for a luxurious and elegant display on her vanity dressing table.